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How to behave in the pachinko hall
Carrying or using devices that transmits radio signals. Entrance or play of a person under 18 years of age or a high school student.
Violent behavior towards other customers or staff. Damaging the machines or equipment inside the parlor.
Drinking inside the parlor or playing while under the influence. Cheating by using a piano wire,cell board magnet,etc.
Bringing weapons such as knives,etc. Playing more than 1 machine at the same time or playing the machine on behalf of others.
Bringing or using another parlor Õ s balls or tokens. Watching the games without playing on a machine or in places where others customers will have some troubles.
Leaving the machine for a long time without permission.(meal:more than 30 minutes / others:more than 15 minutes) No cutting in line while waiting for the store to open or using personal items to save your place in line.
Actions that are rude and make other customers uncomfortable. Bringing pets inside the parlor.
Entrance of a professional or a person our parlor regard as a professional. Smoking while walking is forbidden inside the parlor.
Taking photographs in the parlor.